Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bout of Books Goals and Update Post!!

Bout of Books

Can't wait for this readathon to start!!! I've made some pretty hefty goals, but have the entire week off, so I should be fine Here's my tentative book list. These are all books I've had forever, with the exception of one new purchase.

Day Two - 10 PM

The read-a-thon is going ok for me, though I've really been slacking off - there was a sale on sims 3 games and I might have bought a few and played for like.. 3 hours yesterday. Yeah. Book-wise I've gotten through Nantucket Blue and tried Tris and Izzie and just had to put it down - not for me. I'm now about 130 pages into Born Wicked and loving it! I have nothing to do tomorrow so I may pull a reading all nighter and see how it goes. 


  1. Good luck for this readathon ^^
    I would like to read Born Wicked & Through the ever night !

  2. OH wow.. lots of books for you to get through... good luck!! I really want to read the Diviners too!!!

    My bout of books goals

  3. Oh wow! And Immortal Rules was absolutely AWESOME~!

    Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader

  4. Hello,
    I saw that you were doing the Bout of Books read-a-thon. You have so many books on your list that I really want to read one day. I've followed you to make sure I get your updates! I would really appreciate it if you could come over to my blog to check it out, and if you like it, you can follow me as well. I hope you'll follow my read-a-thon journey. I blog about my favourite music and books hence the name Music Plus Books.
    Thank you and good luck,
    Music Plus Books
    - Laura

  5. I like the name of your blog. I love The Immortal Rules (though it does get a bit scary in places if you're reading late at night). Good luck with your goals!

  6. Wow! That's a lot of books! :) Good luck!
    Through the even night is AWESOME! And I've heard The Immortal Rules rocks as well :D
    I Read, Ergo I Write

  7. Great list! I really love Meg Cabot and I have always wanted to read The Diviners. Good Luck!

    This is my first time participating in Bout of Books and so far so good. I've almost made it through a full day. :)

    Kay @ It's a Book Life

  8. All but two of your books are on my TBR list - good luck & happy reading :)

  9. I've had Born Wicked sitting on my shelf unread too (but so many other books even longer than that one, which is why I figured I'd save it for the next readathon XD ).
    And I've heard amazing things about The Diviners (also on my TBR, though I don't have this book yet).
    Good luck with all your goals and happy reading! :D