2014 Challenges

2014 Reading Challenges

I have so many great books sitting on my shelves, just waiting for me to dig into! I have a serious problem buying books and then never reading them, so the TBR Pile Reading Challenge seemed like a pretty good way to help knock back some of those older books. I'm an avid reader, easily able to knock back 4 books a week or so, but I plan on reading 150 for the year since my son is due to arrive any day now. Based on that the level I picked was...
Sweet Summer Fling: 31-40 Books

1. A Great and Terrible Beauty
2. Falling Kingdoms

Another thing I have a problem with is requesting too many titles on Netgalley and stressing over getting them all fit in. This challenges you to read all those forgotten review copies and hopefully get your percentage up to 80%. The Level I picked was...
Silver: 25 Books

1. Angelbound
2. Drawn
3. Secret Lies
4. Becoming Alpha
5. Why We Took The Car

I've never paid much attention to whether an author was releasing their first book or not, and that is something I'd really like to change if possible. The 2014 Debut Author Challenge makes it a goal to read 12 2014 releases by debut authors - wish me luck!

I've always been one for fantasy or post-apocalyptic type books, but I'd really like to branch out and read more contemporary novels this year. The level I chose to go with was...
Level Two: 10 Books


2014 Standalone Reading Challenge
I'm a HUGE fan of series, always starting new ones and eagerly anticipating all the wonderful sequels. Stand-alones don't receive nearly enough attention from me, so I've decided to join this awesometastic challenge, to read 15 new release, 2014 YA/MG stand-alone novels!

1. Why We Took The Car

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