Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer


Marissa Meyer

550 Pages

Published February 4th, 2014

Rapunzel’s tower is a satellite. She can’t let down her hair—or her guard.

In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army.

Their best hope lies with Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker—unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

When a daring rescue goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing stop her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only ones who can.
 This series keeps getting better and better, even when I think a story better than the previous installment is completely insane and not possible. Cress was a fantastic read that blew right past my expectations and I'm so glad I picked it up. In 24 short hours this massive tomb was finished and now I feel a bit empty inside.. totally needing more time with Cress, Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf and Captain Thorne. These characters are seriously some of the most awesomesauce characters ever! They are so fleshed out and their personalities are all so different it's impossible to mix them up.

My favorite character has to be Captain Thorne. Though he loses his sight he still manages to be upbeat and quirky and completely hilarious. He did the wrong thing at times but you could tell he really cared, and the new romance that starts between him and a certain someone was so sweet and perfect and I hope it grows and develops into something even better in the next book.

Cress was a lunar shell that had amazing computer and technology skills. Trapped on a satellite for the majority of her life without human interaction, she tends to be just a tad bit awkward, but sweet. She was a character eager to please, but strong enough to take over and make decisions herself when the time came.

Cinder continued to be awesome as hell, though she continued to have plenty of internal struggles to deal with regarding he lunar powers. She felt she was becoming too much like Levana, though it was obvious to everyone else in the group that this wasn't he case. She strives to do the right thing every time, which sets her in a completely different category of person than the evil and deceitful lunar queen.

Though this was a big book the story didn't drag at all. Not only did the flesh out, realistic characters keep the story moving, the plot was paced perfectly as well. So much happens in this book, but not so much that you become overwhelmed. There are tons of characters and we learn some pretty shocking things that take the story into completely new directions. I apologize for being so vague, but I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read the series or this third installment.

As usual, Marissa Meyer totally blew me away. Cress was the perfect 3rd book in a series and Winter needs to come out ASAP!!

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