Sunday, July 14, 2013

My bookshelves!

Recently my husband made me some gorgeous bookshelves. I have no where near enough to fill them, and they've already gotten messy and disorganized, which I'm off to fix soon here. Even so, I thought I'd share some pictures!

These are my new shelves. I have about 200 books or so on them, and as you can see.. there is room for more!

This is my reading area, just a little ways from the shelves. My comfy chair and blanket, right by my lamp and stack of books. 

Some of my YA fantasy paperbacks. 

Some of my YA fantasy hardcovers

The books I have on my TBR next pile

Contemporary shelf :)

Another thing I'd like to update on is my pregnancy with baby #2! I am only 11 1/2 weeks, but already I look as big as a house. I had a belly before, which doesn't help things, but it was nothing like this! My sickness is gradually subsiding, and I hope it stays away. I also have more energy now and am starting to feel more like myself again. After two losses before this pregnancy I'm so thankful that this one is going good and seems to be our sticky bean!

11 week belly - I'm huge! :(


  1. Congrats on the book shelves and on the BABY!! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Ahh Maybe I need to enlist your husband to make shelves for my home :) You need to read EMBRACE first as it is AMAZING!!

    I hope to see you around my blog,


  3. Love, love, LOVE the bookshelves! You neeeed to read Dearly, Departed. That book is just soaked in awesomesauce. Congrats on the baby:D

  4. Congratulations on your baby and how nice of your husband to build such pretty shelves!